Server Highlights


We have several minigames, currently Bedwars, custom Ragemode and Paintball are available

Demo Video
coming soon

in-Game Shops

In-game shops will be available soon.

Demo Video
coming soon

Custom Minigames

We made our Ragemode Plugin ourselves, soon modded minigames with the epic Tech-guns mod will be available

Demo Video
coming soon

Unique Survival

We offer you a unique modpack experience, everything combined with the Techgun mod, made by pWn3d_1337

Watch Demo Video

Donation Options

Our donations system will be introduced soon.

Other Great Features

  • 3 different Multiplayer Mini-Games
    Each of the mini-games has its own uniqe maps we built our self.
  • Creative
    In this world you have a space of 32*32 blocks in which you can build everything you want
  • Survival-Mode
    In this large world you can have our own uniqe multiplayer expierence.
  • Builderserver
    Build maps for our server, help us improve our lobby.
  • Ragemode
    We wrote our own Ragemode-Plugin so we hope you have fun playing it (and no problems :P).
  • TS3-Server
    Our TS3-Server has capacity for you and your friends so you can have a better multiplayer experience.
We plan on introducing a Donation-System to help us run our servers.
We are developing a new Mini-Game so you can have even more diversity on our server.
We will introduce a permissionsEx plugin for the whole network soon.
We plan on making our own forum to give you a space to give us better feedback.

The Server Staff Team

  • Ybrin

    Ybrin is responsible for the Server performance and the development of new plugins.
  • FlammerHD

    FlammerHD is responsible for the Website and helps
    to moderate the server.
  • Zimonzk

    Zimonzk is responsible for the development of new plugins.
  • Dragonfire_XD

    Dragonfire_XD is a moderator and Supporter of the KWStudios server.
  • Titanwar1

    Titanwar1 helped us build the Lobby.
  • hmblf

    Owner/ Webdeveloper/ Builder
    Hmblf built maps, is responsible for the website,
    and the owner of some of our servers.
Head over to our forums for more information KWStudios Forum