who we are

Our team consists of students who met at the school and became friends. We played a lot of minecraft and so we came up with the idea that we could make our own Mini-Game Server and why not a public one. We started building the server in our summer break and after one month we started creating our own Ragemode-Plugin because we were not statisfied with the plugin we had. After a few weeks the plugin was finaly testable and so we decided to go public with our server. We are currently doing a lot of tweaking and corrections and this is not our 1.0 Version of this Server but we are working on it.

Our team

  • Ybrin

    Ybrin is responsible for the Server performance and the development of new plugins.
  • FlammerHD

    FlammerHD is resposible for the Website and helps
    Moderate the server.
  • Zimonzk

    Zimonzk is responsible for the development of new plugins.
  • Dragonfire_XD

    Dragonfire_XD is a moderator and Supporter of the KWStudios server.
  • Titanwar1

    Titanwar1 helped us build the Lobby.
  • hmblf

    Owner/ Webdeveloper/ Builder
    Hmblf built maps, is responsible for the website,
    and the owner of some of our servers.

History of KWStudios

  • Oktober, 2015
    Beta Release of the Ragemode-Plugin.
  • August, 2015
    Finishing the lobby and start of the Ragemode-Plugin programming.
  • July, 2015
    We started to build the main lobby and added most of the Plugins.